AutoCAD Popup That May Confuse You..! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค”

Popup of Selection Cycling

AutoCAD interface has changed quite significantly in the last decade. The biggest difference, of course, is the ribbon. Autodesk also changed the Status Bar and the Command Line appearance. And add more popups with the intention to make AutoCAD more intuitive and easier to use. It doesnโ€™t always work as intended. Sometimes it just confuses or annoys us. Particularly for beginners and occasional users.

Selection Cycling

We have overlapped objects in our drawings. We can cycle between overlapping objects by holding Shift and press Spacebar repeatedly. Autodesk added a dialog to allow you select an object easier. When you click an overlapping object, AutoCAD will popup a dialog box. You can select the object from the list. It contains the object type and color. And when your pointer above an object, the object is highlighted in the drawing. As you can see in the image.

Selection Cycling dialog is turned off by default. You can turn it on/off by pressing Ctrl + W. itโ€™s quite easy.

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